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Usually our posts with series are just two “I & II”. We’ve had Nigeria vs India I & II amongst many. We had only one “Keni and Dibiatu”. By all means I wanted to do a follow-up to that post but I couldn’t. In my opinion, it is the best post on the blog. I didn’t want to make a follow-up that will not match the status of the original.

You may have a different opinion. Aniefiok, the graphics designer may argue that the best post is “Mama”. I can share in the sentiments; it was an emotional story about terrorism. Another day, I could say it is “Gentleman”. It is special. Not necessarily in content; it was the deviation from the original posts on wristwatches and gift items.

From stories like “Gentleman” and “The Lady”, we moved to everything: from sports to politics to lifestyle to societal commentaries etc. We know that’s really not what to expect from a wristwatch blog, but we’re different. If we could do everything for you, we would.

My concern today is with posts that have I & II. Usually, I set out to write only one, but the length becomes too much that I have to split it. Some other times, like Mama, the post didn’t end with a positive vibe; I had to create Mama II. Our posts must end positively. The PRODA Community is all about positivity and our blog must represent who we are. It is intentional. We’ve had to trash posts that I felt wouldn’t sit well with the audience, because in all honesty, we don’t do it for ourselves; we do it for you.

Before we finally have a suitable follow-up to “Keni & Dibiatu”, we may have so many of “City People Write, City People Read”. We are in interesting times in Nigeria; we must groove no matter what.

It’s time to chill with a loved one you had sent one of our special gift packages to; wear your PRODA wristwatch and let’s enjoy the ride.

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