City People Write, City People Read II

We had opined that the series that would have many follow-ups is “City People Write, City People Read”. We are in interesting times.

Youths of a political party in a state protested that the INEC REC of their state should be dismissed. Whether an INEC REC can just be dismissed without a thorough process or not is a discourse for another day. The youths of the party made some points why the REC should be dismissed, points worthy of attention.

The next day, the protest continued. You might think it was still the youths since apparently their lecturers are on strike, but it wasn’t. It was their mothers: women. There is usually a spark of emotions when women protest. Even if you don’t see the event, you could imagine they wept and dropped their wrappers on the floor. No one protests better than women. They protested for the same reason: the REC must be dismissed.

Everyone expected the men to also stage their protest to round it off in style. They did. But their protest was a prime example of “E shock you!” They protested against the protests of the women and youths. The men protested that the REC must stay.

E shock you!

There are explanations to the conflicting events. Those explanations are what we call: City People Write, City People Read.

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