Happy Weekend

It’s a big weekend and we’re super excited. Let’s start with wishing everyone Eid el Kabir! In the spirit of celebrating the Festival of Sacrifices, you might want to give a worthy sacrifice, like one of our special gift packages, to a loved one. If Ibrahim or Abraham was in this generation, he wouldn’t have sacrificed a ram in place of his son, he would have given a special gift package from PRODA. (Just kidding!)

PRODA is marked by sacrifices. Of course we knew our customers’ satisfaction would come at a cost. We knew for us to be the number one wristwatch brand we would pay some price. We were aware that our vision of making luxury affordable would be challenging. Nevertheless, the objectives kept us going on.

We are still PRODA! We are still committed to making more sacrifices for you. We are still enthusiastic about making life easy for you. “We go do anything for your case!” Anything? Anything! Our socials are continually bubbling. We had diverse posts on social media platforms. Our blog, as expected, is still the place to be. It can only get richer and richer by the week.

We uploaded a post “Beauty and Brains” celebrating the manager of PRODA, a young vibrant Nigerian worthy of celebration. If we don’t celebrate ours, who will? We also continued with the series “City People Write, City People Read II” to give a light remark on the state of our politics. Interesting times call for interesting posts.

What is more interesting is that our products and services are still topnotch. We’ve set a standard we can only go above.

A loved one or two deserve our special gift packages. You deserve our affordable luxury watch. Allow us to serve you. Place an order; we get to work. The process is simplified for you. You won’t be wrong to call what we do sacrifice. Nevertheless, we enjoy doing what we do as long as it gives you satisfaction.

Happy Weekend!

Happy Eid el Kabir!

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