How Do I Become an Affiliate and Earn Money Promoting PRODA Products?

If you recommend our product(s) to a customer who ends up purchasing it, you get as much as 10% of the amount paid. All you need to do is recommend our products to a friend or a colleague either through your unique affiliate link or with word-of-mouth.

Step 1: You can either click here to register if you don’t have an account with us or log in to our website via

Step 2: Go down to the footer which is the bottom of our website and you will see the affiliate link, click on it.

Step 3: Register as an affiliate with the required details.


How Do I Recommend PRODA Products to Others?

You may add your referral link (which are at the creative navigation menu of your affiliate dashboard) to your blog or website. The referral link contains your unique referral link which helps in keeping track of the number of customers that visits our online store through you.

You may also give the referral link to a friend or colleague via email, social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, WhatsAppetc) or SMS, allowing our system to keep track.

You may also advertise by word of mouth. Remember to tell anyone you informed via word of mouth to mention that you recommended the product to him/her. Once we get informed, we add him/her as an affiliate and you can keep track.

The link is what you will use for promotions on various platforms. You can use it to share and promote the products.

Use your website, social media or any personal channel to promote our products using your affiliate link.

Your referrals will then purchase directly on our websites using your affiliate referral link.

When an order is placed and is we successfully deliver the order on your behalf, your affiliate’s account is credited with 10% of the payment made. (You don’t have to worry about how to make delivery to the customer, we will handle all of that for you FREE – all you have to do is keep promoting the referral link).

How Do I Keep Track?

Simply visit your affiliate’s dashboard and you can see how much you have made, the number of visitors referred and the number of customers that have purchased from us and even the product the customer purchased.

What is the Affiliate’s Gain?

You as an affiliate gets up to 10% on every order placed and successfully delivered to the customer you referred using your affiliate referral link. Everything your customer purchases is recorded. The way out system works is that, if you share your referral link with a potential customer now, our system will automatically cache / store that customer as your referrer in the customer’s browser, so anytime the customer visits our website again, the customer’s order still counts for you.

Once the customer makes payment for a product, you are credited with as much as 10% of the amount paid.

You may also keep track of your progress and you can request for a withdrawal once you have a minimum balance of 5,000 Naira

If you have any other questions, feel free to write us up at

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