Getting Closer to You

It’s another weekend and another opportunity for us, your favourite wristwatch brand, to intimate you on our services. During the week, we shared on our social media platforms some of the feedbacks we received from our satisfied customers.  One of them was pleasantly surprised that he placed an order in the morning and received it in the afternoon. It was a moment for him to finally confirm that indeed, our priority is the customer’s satisfaction.

We are pleased to inform you that we are getting closer to you more than you can imagine. It is a known fact that PRODA is a community and we relate to you as members of the same community. It’s almost impossible for us to stay without uploading contents for you. But we are going further by bringing our outlets even closer to you for more physical interactions and transactions. No one thinks of their customers more than we do.

As usual, there were other posts on our socials apart from the feedbacks, and our enrichening blog. During the week, we had uploaded relevant and interesting contents for you. We lent our voice on the concept of individual preferences on the post “Tolerance”. We also killed many birds with a stone on the posts “Lost Bag of Advice I & II” The content scrutinizes peer pressure, lack of will, wrong ways of preparing young people for life outside of homes and gives hope to anyone who feels he/she has come to the end of the road.

The posts, the outlets and everything we do are all for you. Also, our wristwatches are still the epitome of affordable luxury. Our gift items are still what anyone should consider for a loved one, and our delivery mechanism is simply superb. The entire process is stress-free for you. We took off the stress because in all honesty, your satisfaction is indeed our priority.

Happy Weekend!

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