Lost Bag of Advice

Caleb was the first son of the family. He lost his dad when he was just six. He still had fond memories of his dad. His mother did everything possible to see him through primary and secondary school. Finally, it was time for Caleb to start university. The plan was simple: after he graduated he would sponsor his two sisters and his cousin whose father (his uncle) also contributed for his fees.

It was an exciting day when the family received news that Caleb had gained admission to study in a federal university. Unlike most of his mates, he got admitted in his first try. It was a sign that he was tailor-made for the university. The excitement reduced the day he was to travel to commence his studies. His mother and sisters had never been without him, his uncle was used to having him help out with tedious work in his house. He didn’t have a son of his own. Everyone didn’t know how to feel about having Caleb leave.

They reacted by giving him advices. His uncle was the first: “Don’t come back here with a grandchild. Don’t let this freedom make you go wild. Remember where you come from. Don’t forget the entire family is looking up to. You are to return and pay the school fees of your sisters.” His mother was a tear drop away from crying. She said “Please don’t bring shame to us. You are going there to read and write. None of us ever had the opportunity. This is the first time one of us will go to the university. Make me proud.” The sisters hugged him and only requested that he brought anything from the city back home.

Caleb promised himself and the family that he would make them proud. He was ready to be the first graduate from the family. He would do it to honour his late father, for his sisters, to make mama proud. There was a lot at stake.

Caleb thought he was ready for life outside the family house but he wasn’t. The peer pressure set in, the counter advices were plenty from his friends and course mates. He lost his bag of advices on the road.

To be continued…

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