Still on City People

It seems as if City People feel they are the only intelligent ones because they never seize to amaze us.

A body of bishops who had never held a press conference despite all the killings of Christians in some parts of the country, abduction of priests and even the killings of Muslims, suddenly had a huge press conference to declare that the “controversial” bishops spotted at a political event (we all know) were real bishops and they belong to their body.

The concern for many Nigerians was the authenticity of the bishops and why they were so important to that event that warranted such controversy. What really is the relevance of the presence of bishops to a political gathering? The story of the “controversial” bishops didn’t really interest me because I neither know many bishops nor the qualifications for bishopric attainment.

The concern now is on the bishops’ press run to defend themselves. Why defend your bishopric status with so much power and publicity when you never defended the people you bishop when they were murdered. Something is not adding up. Or is it another case of City People Write, City People Read?

We weren’t even done with the bishops, there is a new controversy and it’s about traditional rulers interfering with politics. Should they or should they not be involved with politics? To what extent should be their involvement? Did they really overstep their boundaries in advising an aspirant to support a flag-bearer?

Some say yes, others say no. I say City People Write, City People Read.

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