The First Impression

Imagine a sniper with one bullet left sighting his main target from a distance. He knows he shouldn’t blow the opportunity because he may never get it again. He had worked his whole life to get to this moment that he’s just fifty metres from his man. He has one bullet. He has to make it count. Imagine that.

That was the way Douglas felt as he was making various confectioneries to take to the owner of the five-star hotel he applied to be supplying snacks. He thought of anything that would give him the edge because he was sure he wasn’t the only baker who applied for the job. In fact, his former trainer also applied. “What are the chances of you getting the contract above the people who trained you and had experience?” His friend, Bright always asked him. Probably Bright wanted to make him give up but her discouragements actually spurred Douglas to give his best shot since he had no CV to speak for him.

Douglas made up his mind to speak for himself. He had put on a chef’s attire for the interview. He was called in to the owner’s office. The boss pretended not to notice the attire but it had registered in his mind and that of the panelists. “You are Douglas?” The owner spoke without looking up at him as he was busy with his laptop. “Yes sir” Douglas responded. The owner, Mr. John continued ” You don’t have any work experience, why should we give you the job?” Douglas responded “Nobody worries about work experience when the cake feels like Christmas in their mouth.” Mr. John loved the comparison. He tasted Douglas’ cake and responded “indeed, it does tastes likes Christmas in the mouth.” Douglas himself didn’t know what that meant but he went with the flow.

His first impression made the difference. During the final decision-making process by the panelists, they kept referring to him as “the chef-guy.” That gave him the advantage and the job. The sort of advantage the 95F Gold Wristwatch gives you when you must make a first impression. Even when you leave, the memory of your timepiece lingers on the room. You’d be referred to as “the guy with the real wristwatch.”

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