Different Sellers

A market is a place people buy and sell. It’s a place you are likely to find most people and many people. It’s a place of all the information. You’d be surprised that market women know the things the president does that even his aides do not know. It’s simply an amazing place to meet people from different walks of life. But more interestingly are the sellers themselves.

You’ll find different types of sellers in the market. There are those who are always angry. What makes them angry? No one knows. Not even the seller herself knows why she is angry. She’s just angry and unfriendly. “Madam if you know wan buy, abeg carry your blood money commot here!” Her words may make one feel she didn’t go to the market to sell. To her, the customer can never be right.

Then there are those who never have change. Every time they are looking for change. “Oga, I no get change.” Then they would go on to sell something in place of the change. “Make I give you salt for that 50 Naira?” If the person wanted to buy salt, he would have bought it already.

Then there are the sweet-mouthers. They can talk you into buying inferior products. They have a special blue bulb that reflects on a cloth and makes it looks really good. You would only realize the true quality at home, when it is too late.

Then they are customer-centred sellers. They go to any extent to satisfy their customer. They never think of exploiting their customer. They transact politely and in fairness. They even give additional services you didn’t pay for. Have you ever called a seller at Itam for direction to his shop, and he tells you “Don’t worry! Tell me where you are; I’ll come and pick you.” That’s the PRODA spirit in selling. We don’t take chances with our customers. Season in, season out, our customers remain our priority.

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