Why Affordable Luxury?

Nigerians have said Nigerians reply to a question with another question. That is not always a bad thing. If you ask me “Why should I purchase affordable luxury?” I’d reply “Why shouldn’t you?”

There are three sets of people who purchase products. The first group buys the cheapest product. The irony here is, they may end up spending more money in purchasing, repairing and replacing a product than the second group who buy the most expensive products.

The second group are often seen as wise and rich, but not really. Due to a lack of knowledge of what is actually the best, they conveniently opt for the most expensive. But the most expensive is not always the best. Men who have a good knowledge of whiskey don’t ask for the most expensive; they ask for the smoothest. There are a couple of factors that could make a product overly expensive: it could be cost of production, taxation, importation and sometimes manufacturers could just make their product expensive to appear as the best.

Then there is the third group of people who go for quality yet affordable. They are the wise ones. Have you ever seen a Nigerian woman pricing goat meat in the market and the seller says “Oya madam, carry the liver. Na dat one be 500 Naira”? But she would still say “No be liver I dey find. Give me that lap.” The seller might say “But your money no reach for lap na.” She would affirm “I don tell you wetin I want. And I go buy am 500 Naira.” The woman won’t settle for the cheap part of the meat and she also won’t be cheated buying the best part. That’s affordable luxury in the livestock market.

That’s why wise people purchase PRODA wristwatches because here at PRODA, we believe style shouldn’t break the bank. We do not exaggerate the prices of wristwatches just so we can compete, neither do we produce inferior wristwatches just so it would be rampant. We give quality; we give luxury yet affordable.

So ask the question again: “Why should I purchase affordable luxury?” I’d reply “Why shouldn’t you?”

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