Amazing Moments

Amazing moments can be created any day and anytime but they are usually marked by events.

You remember the first day you saw her. To you it was love at first sight, to her it was another disturbance in human form. She never liked you but you persisted till she said “Let me think about.” It turned to “I want to see you” then to “I love you too” and finally “I do.”

Together you built a home, had a child and watched her grow. You remember the moment your daughter started talking. You wished the first word she’d speak was “papa” but she said something only she knew the meaning but you loved it anyways.

You remember when she started school. Your wife almost cried to see her baby go spend hours of the day with strangers. Even though you felt the same way, you understood that was the way life went. It was worse when she left for secondary school. You got used to it when it was time for tertiary education.

How time flies. Your baby is now a pharmacist. You were a proud dad on her graduation ceremony. You made sure you were in all the pictures. You deserved the moment. Your baby got married. You weren’t sure another man could ever treat your daughter like you did. She fell in love with the right man just like her mother did. Your baby will have a baby. You cried with joy when you realized you’ll be a grandpa.

You’ve cherished all these moments and more. You are not the richest man but your life is rich. It’s time to gift your son in law for taking care of your baby just as you did. You think of the CSR 4 Special Gift Package. You know he’ll love it. It’s only a cool guy that knows what another cool fellow would love.

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