All for You

Another weekend is here, and we are glad for the opportunity of continually serving you. We are honoured to still be your favourite wristwatch brand. We are honoured that whenever you consider a gift package for your loved one or yourself, you think of PRODA. We are not slowing down or stopping. The increase in patronage will not overwhelm us, instead it will spur us up to serve you more and better. After all, that’s what makes us PRODA.

During the week, as usual, we showed up every day, always available to make life easy for you. We had posted some feedbacks from our customers on our socials, just to highlight how much your satisfaction means to us. Our reviews are continually positive, and we won’t be wrong to say it is an indication of us doing things right.

But it is not about us; it has never been about us. It is about you, our esteemed customers. What we do, and how we do what we do are all geared towards satisfying you. We know they are many wristwatch brands but PRODA ticks different (not in terms of the clock ticks but in our vision).

We had other posts on our socials, even posts that were meant to take you to our blog. The blog is the place of action. To what has come to be a tradition, we uploaded relevant contents on our blog. We gave an indifferent opinion on the politicking of the season in the post “City People Write, City People Read”. “The Fight for Gold” is a friendly reminder on who’s still the champion in the gold watch business.You can be rest assured that our products and services are second to none. We don’t just say that your satisfaction is our priority, we mean every word. That’s why we are different. That’s why we are PRODA.

Happy Weekend!

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