Hadiza (Mama II)

After losing both of her parents to Boko Haram, Hadiza dedicated her life to fighting terrorism. She joined the army; she believed her destiny was to kill the people who murdered her parents. She never forgot Mama’s words “I died in silence, so you could live and fight for the innocent lives taken.”

Hadiza was notorious for not sticking to orders. She was suspended a couple of times. She said to Chima “Due procedure is a waste of time. Why follow due procedure when fighting against terrorists who don’t have due procedures?” Chima in his usual calm manner responded “That’s why we’re not terrorists. We’re officers of the Nigerian Army.” Hadiza smiled at her South Eastern patriotic friend.

The Major addressed his platoon as they were counting down to midnight to launch an assault on the terrorist camp. Every soldier was to follow his directives closely. After the session, Chima whispered to Hadiza “I know some obstinate soldiers will do it their way.” Hadiza whispered back “There was no due process when they ransacked our homes.” Chima opined “You know you won’t make it out alive if you do it your way.? There was a moment of silence before Hadiza responded “That’s the plan.” “Don’t say that. You won’t die tonight. We will be victorious and I’ll fulfill my promise of taking you to Enugu.” Chima said. Hadiza didn’t pay attention. She replied “I died the day Mama was killed.”

Hadiza arrived the terrorist camp alone at 11 pm (an hour to the planned military assault). She sneaked in disguised like one of the teenage girls abducted. Shega, the head terrorist, was hungry for female company. He sent for girl to be brought to her. The armed man he sent didn’t return at all. Instead, it was Hadiza who went into Shega’s tent. “This one is new and innocent” Shega observed as he touched her skin. Call me all the commanders, let us eat this meat together.” He instructed his guard.

The commanders arrived and very much in the mood to eat with Shega once again; Hadiza pulled out her knife and turned the hunter to the bush meat. Shega reached for his gun but Hadiza stopped him in his tracks. She put the gun on his forehead. “You won’t leave this place alive!” Shega threatened. “I didn’t plan to.” Hadiza replied. Shega started pleading for his life. “Remember when you raided Tekwa and you went into an empty house but you still ordered your men to scatter the place? You killed me that day but I have come back to kill you.”

Shega saw death before Hadiza pulled the trigger. Bang! He was gone. The terrorist heard the gunshot and rushed towards Shega’s tent. Hadiza was able to kill a few before she was finally helped by Chima and other soldiers who had followed her without her knowledge. Before the full battalion arrived at midnight, the battle was over.

“Why did you risk your life and career to help me?” Hadiza asked Chima. He responded “Anything worth living for, is worth dying for. You are worth living for, Hadiza.” The soldiers smiled and hugged each other. “We really shouldn’t be hugging each other. We’re soldiers.” Hadiza observed. Chima burst into a loud laugh. “Why are you laughing?” Hadiza was confused. Chima responded “Of all the officers that should talk about how soldiers act, it is you, a notorious rogue in the army.” They both laughed.

We can end terrorism!

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