First Day at PRODA

Victory had always been fascinated by the idea of making magic, then she heard there was a wristwatch brand who also deal with gift items employing magicians. She applied for the job. The magic at PRODA is not defined by supernatural powers but supernatural ideas.

She applied for the position of a Customer Success Representative (CSR) and looked like the type of person with supernatural ideas that fit with PRODA’s. She was called for an interview. She prepared for it. She was ready to adhere to all the do’s and don’ts of an interview. She spent the entire night practicing the most appropriate sitting posture for an interview; she worked on her eye-contact and voice pitch. (Everything had to be perfect for her dream to come true). She put on her suit in readiness to make a statement from the entrance of the building.

She did make a statement but not in the PRODA facility. She made it on her way. People wondered where she was heading to kill people (call her a ‘pretty assassin’). But she wasn’t going to kill anybody at PRODA. What she thought was going to be an interview ended up as a conversation. The atmosphere was too friendly for her suit and official demeanor. She got the job nevertheless and got introduced to her colleagues who welcomed her with open arms.

She noticed that PRODA wasn’t just the regular working environment, it was a community of individuals who share the same aspirations of being non-conformists, who dare to do things differently and better. Everything was different about her new working environment. There was professionalism in all that was done but without tensions. There was a well defined hierarchy but without highhandedness.

She had finally found a home away from home, a home of professionals. She left excited about the new opportunities and what she would offer to the already quality services that PRODA gives. As she laid on her bed to sleep that night, pictures of the office flashed through her mind. She saw the blues and the whites everywhere, she saw the logo (a logo of magic), she remembered how other CSRs spoke with customers in a polite way, she remembered the warmth welcome and finally remembered the first inscription she saw as she walked in “Leave your excuses at the door.” She had to sleep and get to work early the next day. Despite the peace she found, there was work to be done professionally.

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