The Nigerian Spirit

We know that Nigeria is the most populous Black nation in the world and undoubtedly the most populous country in Africa. Often described as “Giant of Africa”, Nigeria has made strides in various aspects of her nationhood, especially with her rich natural resources and enjoying democracy since 1999. Nevertheless, today we won’t celebrate the nation but her spirit that lives in us.

There’s a tendency for people outside the country (and even in the country) to place stereotypes like fraud, kidnapping and terrorism with the name Nigeria. These things happen but are they really the major highlights of the people? The real highlight of the country is that confidence that says things and does them without any idea how it will work, domiciled in every Nigerian.

We always say “we can” first, then look for the means of doing it. It’s a weird strategy but it works when you’re a Nigerian because you might have only one shot and you can’t afford to blow it. We grind, stay on it, perfect it, get to the drawing board, come back better and bigger. The quest is engraved in our souls.

Hustle is the spirit of the nation: markets on train-tracks, Azeez opening a “Mama-Put” in the UK, Davido in the FIFA World Cup theme song, Chidinma saving money from her akara business to open a restaurant, Ubong a final year Law student who pays his fees from the profits of his POS hustle, Tofade becoming the first black female president of Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, PRODA invading the wristwatch world with quality and affordable watches.

That is the Nigerian spirit and it is worth celebrating.

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