Watches for the Weekend

Good news is: the weekend is here again and we have many occasions to attend. But the question is: which watch will you wear to fit the occasion?

Let’s start with the Friday night party. The Wooden Watch should be your first choice for that gathering. What you wear makes you the life of the party, not what you drink.

Saturday morning wedding: reach out for your leather watch. If you’re rocking a black suit, use the black leather watch. If it is blue suit or any other colour, use the brown leather watch. Don’t forget your brown belt and shoes. You can dress your way into becoming the next groom or bride.

Sunday morning: Church! Your chain watch is first choice. We know that there are religious chains and your wristwatch is not one of them, but don’t they just have sanctity engraved in them? Whether you’re a church worker that needs to be on suit or that cool member that puts on natives, the chain watch has got you covered.

PRODA got you covered for the weekend. We speak every weekend watch language. To purchase any of these watches, click HERE

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