The Leader

Ten sheep led by a lion will do better than ten lions led by a sheep. That underlines the value of leadership. That also is the summary of PRODA leadership.

There are many quotes on leadership from Martin Luther King Jr to the famous leadership coach, John C. Maxwell. But probably none can aptly describe Mr. Francis Edet, CEO PRODA Technologies Ltd, a visionary who clearly defines the path and first walks on it. His staff welfare is just as important as the customers’ satisfaction. That’s rare.

The Leader of the PRODA Community is different from other bosses. First thing you’d notice in the office is that he greets his staff first. Who does that when you could even receive a query from other bosses if you don’t show courtesy? Mr. Edet is cut out from a different texture. A boss who plays tennis with his staff. Again, who does that?

On a work level, he’s the captain of the ship who gives the direction and inspires everyone to believe in what he believes in. His work culture is so contagious, it affects everyone. There’s no room for indiscipline.

Here is to a man who is passionate about changing the lives of young Nigerians.

Here is to a man who is determined to do business different and right.

Here is to a man who is a business genius, intelligent, jovial, friendly and yet strict. The same hand that played tennis with you will send you a “mail” if you’re not getting the job done. (Just kidding)

Here is to a man who has created a community in which dreamers can identify with and be inspired. Happy birthday, Captain of the Unstoppable Ship!

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