The Automatic Mechanical Wristwatches

The automatic watches are wristwatches without battery that are self-winding by the natural movements of the wearer. If worn regularly, one doesn’t have to manually wind it.

In the automatic mechanical watch, the mainspring turns the watch’s gears. This is the energy that keeps the watch ticking. The automatic mechanical wristwatch has the apparatus that winds the mainspring by the movements of the wearer.

There will continue to be an evolution of watches, and PRODA is the signature of automatic mechanical wristwatches. Our automatic mechanical watches are made to keep you on the go at all times. Over and beyond the mechanical motions, we pay attention to the finishing details.

There is room for diverse opinions on beauty. After all, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. However, what is good is universal; we all agree on it. At PRODA, we don’t use aesthetics to make up for insufficiencies. Rather, aesthetics are the compliments for our mechanical watches.

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