The Gentleman

Jackson is the type of guy you would call the classic man. He pays attention to every detail of his outfit, never leaving anything to chance. He wears what fits him and makes him comfortable. And he is also living the male Nigerian dream: he is rich and handsome.

But Jackson hasn’t been fortunate with the ladies. The ones he loves don’t love him. Or let’s say they don’t love him the way he feels he deserves to be loved. Then there are those who love him but he doesn’t feel the same way about them. His dilemma isn’t helped by the pressures from his parents who want to be grannies.

But today, Jackson has a date with Irene, a lady he met at a bookstore. That’s not the regular place lovers meet in Africa, but Jackson has his peculiar way of doing things just as he has his peculiar fashion zeal.

For the night, he wears a black pair of socks to match his black trousers with a leather lace-up shoes. His custom-made white shirt is perfect for the night. He puts on his waistcoat, uses a bow-tie before putting on the suit jacket with a pocket-filler to complete his three piece suit. His luxury wristwatch is the last thing he wears before leaving for the date.

On his seat, awaiting the arrival of Irene, his mind is pacing. He doesn’t want to blow his shot. He considers Irene as the perfect woman. She is black, beautiful and bold; her intelligence and sense of humour make her irresistible. Jackson starts practicing the compliments he will give her, but once she steps in, his mind goes blank. He is in awe of her beauty. His mouth is agape.

Irene notices the effect she has on him and enjoys every moment. She realizes she is also in awe of something about him. She can’t stop staring at it. Jackson notices her stare and asks her “What do you love more: my 95F Silver Chain Watch or me?” She replies, “The wristwatch, but I love you too.”

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