What’s PRODA?

We are a group of people who believe in the spirit of exploring and simplifying things into it’s easiest form. From the very beginning, we wanted to do something different, something that can change people’s life so that they can explore the universe.

To change the world, we decided to start with Watches and Gift Items, and to keep exploring what the universe has got to offer. We believe buying a watch shouldn’t be about money, it should be about unique design, quality materials, and an overall attractive appearance and watch prices are dramatically unfair. We believe that quality watches shouldn’t break the bank.

Take A Walk With Us Down Memory Lane Let’s Share Our Journey So Far

If you know us well enough by now, you’d know we are packing our cabin luggage for our trip to the moon. Our goal remains the same… we want to make wrist watches and gift items less expensive the way the other guys are doing it. we believe style shouldn’t break the bank.

We don’t mean to brag, but we only take giant strides here. Led by our Founder & CEO, we’ve moved from: 1 to 15+ employees, 1 to 3 countries, and 40 to 360+ weekly deliveries.

We anticipate more growth in the nearest future.

Meet The Magicians Behind PRODA

Francis Edet
Founder & CEO

The Team


Together, we have created a really interesting place to work.

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