Growing Up

I remember hearing a middle-aged man say “I miss the days when life was simple.” And i thought to myself “was there ever a time life was simple?” We all rushed to grow up but now we reminisce the past, even though psychologists would say the past is never a good place to stay.

The greatest irony of life is adult envying the liberty of children and children envying the liberty of adult. To the adult, the ability to consistently have food when you don’t work or even think about it is thrilling, especially when you consider that there are adults who work for it and still not have. Nevertheless, the child doesn’t always have what they want. Even the most spoilt child in the world doesn’t always have what the truly want.

To the child, the freedom adults have to do whatever they want to do without anyone controlling them is a fantasy. Well, their young minds don’t tell them that adults are also controlled. They are controlled by their spouses, their bosses, their friends, their bank account, their religious leaders and even their children. The child doesn’t know when he yells “Daddy, I want ice cream” he is controlling the dad. He thinks it is a harmless request.

Truth is, no one is really free. If not, we would have chose not to age.

But we did grow, and we are growing despite the hurdles and the mountains… It is beginning to sound like the PRODA story.

To be continued….

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