It’s Monday but let’s start the week with some ease. Let’s see how things could be based on perspectives.

Tobi is out on a date with Maxwell for the first time. As usual, the first date is a moment for examination. Both the lady and the gentleman have boxes to be ticked (especially the lady). Tobi is ready to examine Max as expected. Max goes to wash his hands but after pouring the liquid soup on his hands, he finds out that the water isn’t running. Tobi is unimpressed he didn’t check first. But another lady could say “Wow! He trusts easilly; he didn’t even check.”

Kate went to see off her husband at the park (he was heading to Port Harcourt from Uyo). He went into the bus and said his byes. After two hours, she saw her husband with another woman still in Uyo. Kate concluded he tricked her into thinking he was travelling to Port Harcourt just to stay back and see his mistress. But another woman could have said “Wow! Uyo has become Port Harcourt, and my husband is the first to discover it.”

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