Proudly Nigerian

It is prejudice that makes the products made in Aba to have “Made in Singapore” written on them. We all are guilty of some form of prejudice.

How many times have we prejudged someone based on their tribe, gender or social status? In fact, every tribe in Nigeria has a stereotype attached to it.

These stereotypes have found their way into goods and services. Most Nigerians want to appear to put on foreign clothes even though they themselves know it was made in a backyard in the East. They have a strange superior feel when they have “made in India” on their wears.

But are Nigerian products inferior? Absolutely not! It’s just the prejudice we’ve created for ourselves over the years. PRODA is proudly Nigerian. Our wristwatches are world class and our services are of premium quality. We are changing the narrative about Nigerian brands, dismantling every stereotype with our expertise in what we do.

We are proudly and unrepentantly Nigerian!

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