It’s July

We have completed the first half of the year already and anticipate an even more rewarding second half for our customers and every member of the PRODA Community.

Our journey has been that of growth, and that wouldn’t have been possible without you. You are at the centre of all we do. Your patronage means the world to us.

During the week, we continued in the sales of our premium affordable wristwatches and special gift packages. You placed the order, we went to work so that we can deliver on our promises that places you as our priority.

Our social media space is becoming even more active with posts and re-posts. There have been diverse posts on our socials, including our new tagline: “Let Our Affordable Timepiece Rest on Your Wrist”. It is not for changes but for growth. Growth in recognition that a timepiece is classy, yet what we offer is affordable. If you put that together, you have a treasure.

Further, we had uploaded posts on our very rich blog. The contents are made for your pleasure. We uploaded the post “Dede” which was geared at lending a voice towards the UN’s fight against drug abuse and trafficking. We also offered a lighthearted view on some of the happenings in the judiciary with the post “Lady Justice sha”. We want our blog to be as interesting as possible for you, so that when you’re done placing an order, you can just browse around.

No one thinks of their customers or values them more than we do. We are a brand and a community built on customer-centered business ideology. That is the reason we’re regarded as a solution centre.

That is why we are PRODA!

Happy Weekend!

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