Lady Justice sha

There is a lot to be said about any judiciary with the diverse sentiments related to law, its interpretation and implications. But in recent times lawyers have given us a reason to laugh.

But before then: A popular Nollywood actor had been arrested over an alleged rape on a sixteen-year old girl. It has been a trending news for some time but my major concern is in the arguments over the girl’s age. People have come out to opine that she’s older than sixteen. What has that got to do with the issue at hand. Nevertheless, we also know some male celebrities have been accused falsely of rape. We had seen a video in which Neymar was to be blackmailed by a lady, but his village people in Brazil are not that strong.

Others have pleaded with the law to be lenient because of his little children. Even Lady Justice who is usually not too sure of a decision is tired of the opinions.

The matter for court no dey ever easy. The Chief Justice had resigned. That’s not a regular story in Nigeria. No one resigns in Nigeria, no matter the controversies surrounding an office holder, they never resign. Even when there are health challenges or criminal evidences, a public office holder would try to hang on to power like a defender dragging Kanu’s jersey after he has dangled his way through.

But the Chief Justice resigned on health grounds. He resigned some time after “Olokun Priest” entered the Supreme Court in the person of Barr. Malcom Omoirhobo.

The gods are to blame?

If you ask me, na who I go ask?

Anyways, it’s salary week and we must grove. Take out some cash and get yourself a PRODA wristwatch. Try dey treat yourself well. Work and chop.

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