Is Everyman Blind?

There’s a philosophy that posits that everyone is blind. Well, we know everyone is not blind, literally. But the point they make is we all have a blind spot or are blinded to certain ideas. That’s why we have different views on issues.

But no one ever believes they’re blind. Who would agree to it when their two sight organs are still functioning? But is there some truth in the claim that everyman is blind? What is modest to one may not be modest to another. Even law itself is subjective.

We are blinded by religion, blinded by ethnicity, blinded by background, blinded by education, blinded by experiences, blinded by contacts, blinded by wealth, blinded by lack of wealth. It’s funny that the things that blind some people open the eyes of others, who are blinded by some other things.

We live in a world of seven blind men trying to figure out the elephant. The arrogant feels he’s the correct one, while the humble understands he doesn’t understand everything. We don’t always agree, not because one is wrong or the other right, but because judging from the different places we are, the world looks different.

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