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Is the Future Bright?

It’s ironical for a society who doesn’t pay attention to the needs of children to be talking about how bright the future is.

Children are not just the hope of the future, they are the future. Today is 27th May and traditionally we will celebrate children, but the question is, are we really serious about the welfare of children? No we’re not!

Child abuse is still prevalent in the society. The only thing we actually call child abuse is sexual child abuse. Verbal, physical, emotional, economic child abuses are really not seen as abuses in our society. It’s not a shocking sight to see a child hawking sachet water on the road during school hours. What of child slavery in which children are maltreated in houses that took them as helps?

You might not be guilty of pedophilia but have you not been verbally assaulting a child? Even parents don’t waste time to call their children names decent people won’t call their enemies.

A child is not a half human being or an inferior one. A child is a complete human being and must be treated as such. I know we prefer calling them “tomorrow leaders” but they contribute to the society today and can do more if given the proper education and opportunity.

Every child has a right to quality education, healthcare, food, love, care and support.

How many children really have that?

So I ask: is the future bright?