In Nigeria, we celebrate almost everything. You won’t be surprised by that assertion if you knew Nigeria has more festivals than any other country. We celebrate nature, agriculture, humans, achievements, moments and events. Even both birth and death are celebrated.

Worthy of note is the flamboyance of our celebrations. They are expensive and large. Nigerians believe if one must celebrate, it must be big and large. There should be uniforms for different groups of people, good food and drinks.

We celebrated when a child was born. We celebrated in his naming ceremony. We celebrated his dedication in church. We celebrated when he graduated from primary school. We celebrated when he graduated from secondary school. We celebrated when he wrote JAMB. Well, he wrote more JAMBs but those ones weren’t celebrated. But when he finally gained admission, we celebrated.

We actually hired a bus to convey us from the village to his university for the matriculation. We placed a banner n front of the bus that signalled to everyone that we were going for the matriculation ceremony of a great son. We celebrated his final examination, his project defence and finally celebrated his convocation ceremony.

We celebrated when he went for NYSC and even celebrated more when he returned. We celebrated his first job and all his jobs. We celebrated during his traditional marriage and white wedding ceremonies. We celebrated his birthdays and his children. We celebrated his wedding anniversaries, promotions in the workplace and ordinations in the church. Even his burial will be celebrated and the death anniversaries that will follow.

As Nigerians, we always create reasons to celebrate. But here at PRODA, we have enough reasons to celebrate. We’ve moved from one country to three, from one employee to over fifteen, and from forty weekly deliveries to over three hundred and sixty. Our identity is getting solidified as we proceed. There’s something special about our name written in blue on white. It marks excellence as simple as it looks. It’s the product of the work out in.

We won’t stop there. The work continues.

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