Weekend Vibes

When Daniel Craig was about to introduce The Weekend to perform on SNL, he had no idea it will go viral. If there was anything that should go viral, it would have been The Weekend’s smooth performance but it wasn’t, it was the introduction. What really was special about the introduction? Nothing!

Of course there are professional hype-men out there who can introduce an artist and make you feel Michael Jackson or Fela had come back to life. But Daniel isn’t one of them; he’s just a TV personality who did a simple task of bringing on stage an artist in a simple way.

The video went viral because the artist’s name was The Weekend. People turned the introduction of the artist to an introduction of the weekend (the days). So every Friday, people around the word upload the video with Daniel Craig saying “Ladies and gentlemen, The Weekend.” His face shines with relief as the audience screams. Clearly, everyone is excited about the information.

That is the relief and excitement the weekend brings. After the toil of the week, it’s time for some flexing, resting, events and visits to recuperate for the following week. Some people wish the weekend was longer. Others wish everyday was part of the weekend. But we know weekends are cool because of weekdays.

So flow with the weekend vibes. Enjoy the moments as they come. “Ladies and gentlemen, The Weekend!”

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