Amaka’s Side of the Story

A thought on 2 Baba’s Amaka: “We didn’t even hear Amaka’s side of the story. We just concluded that she disappointed 2 Baba.” A thought on Big Brother’s Amaka: “I don hear Amaka side of the story. Wetin Big Brother do no good.” Today is for 2 Baba’s Amaka.

Pop culture has made Amaka synonymous with disappointment. Although the name actually means good, but 2 Baba’s hit “Amaka” has made people attribute the name to disappointment. You may have heard someone say “I won’t disappoint you. I no be Amaka.”

The question is: did Amaka really disappoint 2 Baba?

There are two sides to a coin, but when it comes to a story like this (that involves a man and a woman) there are three sides of the story: the man’s story, the woman’s story and the true story. To actually get the true story, you’ll have to balance the man’s story and the woman’s story. The man is right in his story and the woman is right in her story.

Nobody considered Amaka’s feelings when her boyfriend openly declared “I like woman; I dey straightforward.” He didn’t say he likes Amaka, but woman. Anyways, as a babe and more she wasn’t offended.

What happened was that Amaka didn’t want to attend her boo’s party without a gift. She placed an order with a online trading company that’s definitely not PRODA. What she ordered for and what she got were totally different. She realized it when she was almost at his house (the time she told him she’s in his area).

She hoped she could go back to the delivery man and get another of that product, but they were all the same. After wasting all that time, she had to rush back to the party only to realize it had ended.

The only bad thing Amaka did was not to place the order for a gift item with PRODA.

We are PRODA! We deliver quality only! We don’t disappoint! We no be Amaka.

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