Worth Celebrating

The end of week is here again! Congratulations!

It has been another amazing week as we enjoyed the opportunity of serving you again. We are excited to still be your favourite wristwatch brand and the outfit you think of when you consider gifting your loved one a gift package. Your patronage is priceless to us; it keeps us going. It’s a week of celebrations and we are excited to round it off by celebrating our esteemed customers, the pillars of the PRODA Community.

As you know, beyond providing premium watches at an affordable price and packaging the best items in a gift package, the procedure of placing an order and receiving it is as simple as ABC. We’ve made online transactions more convenient and effective. We are PRODA!

Our socials are still an important part of what we do. During the week, as expected of us, we uploaded incredible posts on our socials. Our social platforms never get dull. It bubbles everywhere. Also, we uploaded posts on our blog. A premium wristwatch brand deserves a premium blog. We celebrated the home of PRODA with the eponym “Home of PRODA”. We also continued our commentary on our politics with “City People Write, City People Read III”. We didn’t fail to celebrate Tobi Amusan, our world champion on our socials.

We are still very much in the business of providing and delivering premium products and services. We really don’t have an option. Your satisfaction is our priority. Allow us serve you even the more as you let our affordable timepiece rest on your wrist.

Happy Weekend!

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