Home of PRODA

We are proudly, fiercely, unrepentantly the Home of PRODA!

Some comments by a housemate in Big Brother Naija sparked some reactions from Akwa Ibomites. It is funny how the spirit of statehood could be ignited by a non-political dialogue between two non-political figures in the country.

It is what it is!

PRODA has always marched with the slogan “Uyo, Home of PRODA!” we even had a post on IG to that regard and more will be done with that post. (Keep that between you and me).

AKS is not Las Gidi, AKS is not ABJ. AKS is AKS. We vibe different; we dance different. You can hear the rhythm in our language, you can feel the true African spirit in our dance. Our inspiration is different. We have a pocket full of dreams.

In a broader sense, Nigeria is also the home of PRODA. The nation of Tobi Amusan who broke the women’s 100m hurdles world record. It is a nation of possibilities and we represent all of it.

We sleep hungry, not the hunger you think of. The hunger for more. The hunger to be different. The hunger to be PRODA.

Welcome to Uyo! This is Naija! Home of PRODA!

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