Everybody dey Important

2 Baba’s “Important” is one of those groovy songs that actually keep you thinking while you’re dancing or nodding your head (for some who dance better on a seat). The lyrics of the repetition in the chorus “Even ny*sh dey important” at first listen may sound vulgar but a deeper thinking shows the message: everyone is important, even the ones that are not the most outstanding.

A friend once said to me that we should treat people with respect because we don’t know what they’ll become tomorrow. I replied that I don’t care about what anybody will become tomorrow; I treat people with respect just for the fact he/she is a human being. Everyone is important.

Tende wasn’t seen as someone important in his neighbourhood. He was seen as one boy who usually goes to the stadium to run away his life. Others would have called him an aspiring athlete, but not his rich and educated neighbours.

Tende didn’t need anyone’s approval to feel important. He usually said to his neighbours “Your opinion is like a broken calculator; it doesn’t count.”

Someday, two thieves using a motorcycle snatched a bag from a woman; she shouted for help. Tende switched to his Usain Bolt mode. He ran after the two thieves before their motorcycle could accelerate to top speed and retrieved the bag. Tende, once seen as unimportant became the hero of the day.

There’s a saying that the strength of a chain is its weakest link. Every part of the body is important. Even ny*sh dey important.

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