The weekend is here again, and so is our message. We are sincerely appreciative of your patronage and being your favourite wristwatch brand. We never relent in our services and this week was not different. PRODA Wristwatches are still numero uno. Our gift items will help you express love to anyone.

It’s Children’s Day and you may consider gifting your child one of our special gift packages. In regards to Children’s Day, we have uploaded a post to express views on certain things we should consider for the future in our blog post “Is the Future Bright?”

Of course that wasn’t the only blog post we uploaded. We started a series on parts of a wristwatch that enhance your knowledge of a watch. In the post “The Reward” we looked at two different perspectives on a very controversial topic. You would want to check it out.

Don’t just check the story and the blog posts, browse through our products and get one for yourself or your loved ones. We made them with love and deliver them with love. Everything we do is geared towards making you, our customers, happy. We are here because you are there.

It’s not just business. We are a brand. We are a community. We love and cherish our own.

Happy Weekend!

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