Nene and E-commerce

After accepting to become an affiliate with PRODA, Nene didn’t understand the idea of e-commerce or online marketing or whatever it was her former patient had told her about. She asked questions.

“E-commerce is the buying and selling of goods over the internet. To us at PRODA, a customer places an order for any of our wristwatches or the gift items, and we deliver.” The recovered patient responded.

“Just like that?” Nene asked in awe.

“Yes, just like that to the customer but not to us. For us, we need to get the product to the area of the customer and supply to him or her through one of our agents.”

“Wow. That’s a lot of work. It’s not as simple as it sounded.” Nene noted.

“No it’s not. But we make it simple for our customers.” He asserted.

“What’s your name? I told you mine.” Nene inquired.

“My name is Emmanuel.” He responded with a smile.

“So like you said I’ll just promote your wristwatches and gift items and once it’s bought through my link I will be given 10% of the sales?” Nene wanted to be sure.

“That’s correct.” Emmanuel agreed with the nurse who had become his student.

“And I won’t even be asked to deliver the items?” She still couldn’t believe the deal.

“You won’t be asked to do anything.” Emmanuel reminded her.

It was a great day for Nene as she began making cool cash as a PRODA affiliate. Now her dream of becoming a professional nurse is becoming a reality.  

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