Fashion and Time

Change is constant and inevitable. As we grow old, we encounter various changes in our lives and world because changes come with time. However, even timepieces that tell time have evolved over the years but still stay true to their fashion roots.

We always look for the best wristwatches but do we remember that we do not put on watches without our clothes on? There’s more reason to that than we are conscious of. Our intuition tells us the watch compliments the dress. Nobody puts on a suit for a beach party. Just as there is the right dress for the occasion so is there the right wristwatch for that right dress.

The Black Leather Wristwatch: Although most people wear it with any and everything, the black leather wristwatch is for the official/business outfit that accommodates a black belt and shoes. Also, it fits with every Ankara, Senator and African native wear.

The Brown Leather Wristwatch: Just like its black counterpart, it goes with an official/business outfit that accommodates a brown belt and shoes. Nevertheless, with the Senator wears, it does not match a black outfit.

The Smart Band: The Smart Band goes with everything except Ankara, Senator and African native wears. However, it is more appropriate with a smart casual dress.

The Wooden Watches: They are for sports outfit and also for a casual dress. Not the most appropriate but it can also do the job of complimenting a smart casual outfit.

The Chain Wristwatch: Just like the leather watches, they go with many outfits. Nevertheless, even though it goes well with suits, it should be for a ceremonial function or date, not work or the office. Also, the watches have no business with casual wears, not even smart-casual.

Now that you know how to rock your wristwatch, what’s stopping you from placing an order? The good news is that PRODA has your back with any of the wristwatches because we speak every watch language.

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