Something from Nothing

Creating something from nothing is the pinnacle of innovations. Actually, humans were meant to always be that way. That is why we came to the world with nothing. Even a prince who is born into royalty didn’t come out of his mother’s womb with a crown. It shows that we were created to be innovative.

There are women who are skilled in the art of making something out of nothing in the kitchen. They can turn the little foodstuff in the kitchen to a five-star meal. In fact, if one perceives the aroma from outside, one might think she’s going Chinese for the meal; whereas, she’s frying soaked edible-cassava.

Of course there are many instances in which people were given the same opportunities; while some were giving excuses, others were putting in the work. A child born into a poor family might say “Well, I was born into a poor family. What do you expect me to do? It’s not my fault that my parents are poor.” Another could say “For the fact I was born into a poor family, I cannot be poor.” These children found themselves in the same place but reacted differently. While one is determined to stay there, the other has made up his mind to create something out nothing.

That is what PRODA did. At a time that businesses were folding up, we started our journey. A journey that has put smiles on many faces through our exceptional quality wristwatches and services. In our case, we didn’t just create something out of nothing, we created a masterpiece out of dismay.

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