“Be a man!” You are surely going to hear that when a man cries or becomes emotional.

There are two sides to everything, or maybe more. Masculinity is not left out. There are people who are against gender roles while others support it. (That’s a topic for another day). Masculinity is society’s gender construction of how men should behave. Whether they are actually good or bad is still a topic for another day.

A man is expected to be a man. But what does it mean to be a man? Society has given certain do’s and don’ts. A man shouldn’t be weak or show any form of weakness, a man shouldn’t be emotional or too emotionally attached to a woman, a man shouldn’t cry etc. A man should be successful, bold, confident, domineering if possible, manipulative if possible and vague.

Men, consciously or unconsciously, thrive to fulfil these gender roles. Many a times we feel it’s just in our nature to quest for success, whereas these are ideas that we’ve inherited from our environment. That is why men love the 95F Gold Chain Watch. Nothing sums up confidence more than the masterpiece timepiece. Even women who push the envelopes consider it a first choice.

Let confidence rest on your wrist.

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