Garri for President

You were taught in primary school that there are two seasons in Nigeria: the dry and rainy seasons. We have a third: the political season. It is that season politicians run kitty kitty and kata kata to get into office or retain office.

This is the season the masses have more access to their leaders or at least see them more often on TV, billboards or their expensive convoys fly past traffic. The leader you never saw, suddenly is visible in a sense.

But Nigerians know who have been with them through thick and thin. We know who has been consistently seen in our homes throughout all the seasons. If it comes down to popularity, name any politician more popular than garri. (I’ll wait!).

We don’t want a leader who will only be seen during political campaigns; we want a leader that will never leave us; a leader who is accessible by both the poor and rich. We want a leader we can trust; a leader who won’t judge us based on tribe, gender, religion or social status.

We will get our PVCs and vote for garri.

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