The Last Man Standing

The phrase “last man standing” may have begun with the concept of the boxer still standing in a boxing match. It may have also been popularized by WWE. (Whether WWE is real or acted is a story for another day). The last man standing is the ultimate conqueror.

But this is not WWE or boxing. This is the life of Vickie.

Based on her personal experiences and the stories she had been told about men, Vickie has built up walls against men. Hers is a case of many suitors, no one to be chosen.

Just like most ladies, she has had her heart broken a couple of times or so it seems to her. Heartbreak stories are usually complicated. (Everyone is the victim in their story).

People thought Vickie had made up her mind to show shege to every man; she was only careful to end up with Mr. Right. Every lady wants to end up with him (but does he exist?)

Some men had come and gone; most were still around. Then entered Austin with the CSR 4 Gift Items, the game changer. With a simple smart move, he became the last man standing.

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