Rush Hour

There must be some form of joy for people in rush hour (not the movie). Most people wait till the dying minutes to get the job done. I’m talking about the people who hurry out of their house at 9:20 am and wish to get to the office at 9 am. Clap for yourself. Well done.

Rush hour has become normal. Most Nigerians registered for their PVCs at the closing week. When it was extended, they waited for the last two days. Our minds keep telling us “there’s still enough time.” Even students do their assignments on the day of submission, no matter the when it was given.

It’s just normal. We love the pressure, the adrenaline rush. We love making everything stressful for ourselves.

That’s the situation for political leaders who are gearing up to commission projects as they see out their last days in office. There is a rush to complete the projects for commissioning. In Nigeria, commissioning projects is more important than the actual projects itself. It’s simple to know this when the money spent on the publicity of a project is more than the actual project.

Rush hour is found everywhere in Nigeria, but there’s something different and beautiful about the political rush hour with that fact they feel they have a point to prove.

Let’s sit back and enjoy the show, the Nigerian Rush Hour.

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