Big Friday

It’s a big Friday and we’re super excited. First, congratulations to the Home of PRODA, Akwa Ibom, as she celebrates her 35th anniversary today.

PRODA is all about celebrations. We celebrate our customers and the ability to offer you satisfaction. That prompted us to upload some of the feedbacks from you, our satisfied customers, on our socials.

Your satisfaction, as usual, remains our priority.

We are still PRODA! We are still committed to creating more celebrations for you. We are still enthusiastic about making life easy for you. Our socials are continually bubbling. We had diverse posts on social media platforms. Our blog, as expected, is still the place to be. It can only get richer and richer by the week.

We uploaded a post “Rush Hour” to highlight some comics about our time culture. Also, we uploaded “The Last Man Standing” to underscore the magic that can be achieved with our gift items. What is more magical is that our products and services are still topnotch.

You deserve our affordable luxury watch. Place an order; we get to work. The process is simplified for you. Our service is worth celebrating. Nevertheless, we enjoy doing what we do as long as it gives you satisfaction.

Happy Weekend!

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