Harry Selfridge opined in the early 1900s that the customer is always right to emphasize on customer satisfaction. But is the customer always right?

Most people have been in a position in which they have to attend to a customer or guest at an event or any office that requires they attend to someone. The slogan “Customer is always right” isn’t really for traditional business firms alone but anyone attending to people.

Is the customer always right?

A banker may tell you of a customer who asks unnecessary questions: those customers that could make them forget their customer-service training. The type that is asked to sign on a document and they respond with “Which signature?” If not in an office, the banker might be tempted to respond with “Sign my signature.” Nevertheless, the banker might say “Oga, sign your signature”.

As a customer you know there is a problem when you move from being addressed as “sir” to “oga” or when you move from being addressed as “ma’am” to “madam” with a Nigerian Pidgin accent.

At this point, you might ask “Was the customer right?”

At PRODA, we know that the customer is always right. The customer has the right to ask any question and we are always ready to attend to every customer.

So as you start a new week in any work environment or business, remain conscious that the customer is always right. Do business the PRODA way.

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