It Was Time

The value of time and timing, to use a cliché, cannot be overemphasized. Nothing can beat an action performed at the right time. Doing the wrong thing at the right time could ultimately turn the action to a bad one. That is why sometimes, the result betrays our intentions.

That wasn’t the case of South Africa. The right man came up at the right time: his name, Nelson Mandela, forever a hero, a rare activist and politician. After serving 27 years out of his life imprisonment verdict on him for seeking to end apartheid (apart hood), Mandela became South Africa’s first legitimately democratically elected president and served for only a term. He declined a second term run and handed over to his deputy, Thabo Mbeki.

While some other leaders want to live in the presidential office forever even when the people reject them, Mandela left even when people wanted him. A Nobel Prize winner with 250 honours to his name, Madiba’s fame and legacy are unmatched. No wonder the World Cup in 2010 was dedicated to his activism.

It was time for someone to end official racial segregation in South Africa, it was time for someone to be ready to fight till death for the freedom of Blacks in South Africa; Mandela stepped in. A classic example of doing the right thing at the right time.

But you need a device that can tell you the right time, literally. That’s where PRODA steps in. Our watches don’t stop. You can’t be stopped. Mandela wasn’t.

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