The Falcon

Falcons are the largest birds in the falconinae family. The Falcons is the biggest women’s team. Even though they have been ousted from WAFCON 22, we still celebrate them for managing to take the match against the host nation to penalties with only nine players on the field.

The Super Falcons is, without a doubt, the best women’s national team in Africa with a record of eleven African Women’s Cup of Nations (with the possibility of a third place finish in Morocco).

The Falcons are arguably the most successful football team in Nigeria. Although their success has not been reflected on the world stage with their best performance being their show at the World Cup in 1999 in which they qualified for the quarter finals, they still are one of the few teams that have qualified for all the editions of the World Cup. That’s a feat!

Success may start coming at the World Cup with the new array of talents who started their careers in nations that pay attention to sports development amongst the youth. A squad with Asisat Oshoala, the top scorer in the Spanish League, and the experienced Onome Ebi can give any female team a run for their money.

But before the World Cup is the WAFCON third place. Let the Falcons reestablish themselves as the giants of Africa, like a brand that never disappoints.

The world is next!

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