The Lady

Jennifer has always considered Mondays to be just like other days. As a mother of two, she thinks work is every day. After all, people pay nannies or maids to cater for their children. So technically she works every day.

But this Monday is different. On Friday at the close of work, she had received a mail from the company’s board of directors appointing her as the CEO; she is to replace Mr. Ogajah who had a very long couch for female employees in his office. Mr. Ogajah clearly didn’t like Jennifer. Maybe it’s because she didn’t know how to use the couch.

Anyways, Jennifer isn’t bothered about Mr. Ogajah today. She is concerned if she can really get the job done. She decides to be nice and firm. That has always been her forte. She steps into the building with her usual poise and confidence. You may think she’s cocky but she smiles at everyone: from the gateman (who would prefer we call him “Officer in Charge”) to the highest ranking staffer in the company.

Jennifer gets into her new office, and before she can take a seat, the secretary walks in “Please ma, you have a meeting in the next fifteen minutes with NYSC officials concerning the deal for us to make corps members uniforms.” Before she can give a reply, the head of operations walks in “Morning ma, I just received a call that our trucks of clothes heading to the East have been stopped by the police.” She wants to react to that but the phone rings. She picks up. It is the chairman, board of directors “We need a total inventory of the company today. We can’t afford more losses.”

Jennifer sinks into her chair, takes a deep breath and looks around the walls of the office as if her reply is written somewhere on the wall. She finally breaks the silence with “Is that all?” The secretary and the head of operations look at each other not sure of what to reply. She continues “Things like these need to happen for the job to be exciting. So let’s get to work.” They leave the office.

She reaches to her phone, not to send her husband a “happy birthday” text. (She had wished him at home with a real kiss, not an emoji, before he left for work). It is for her to get a gift for him. She thinks of the best gift for her cool husband. She couldn’t think of anything better than the CSR 5 Special Gift Package. She places an order. It is a happy birthday for her husband and a happy day for his CEO wife.

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