Smart Guy

Everybody wants to be the smart guy but not everybody wants to do the real smart things.

The world economic realities have forced everyone to adjust to survive. Countries are coming up with policies to help cushion the effects.

Bangladesh has cut down working hours/days to reduce power consumption and expenditure. Companies have replaced seminars with webinars. Households have adjusted their eating rations. Most people have finally realized (by condition) that the doctors were right about the bad effects of red meat.

It’s the season to be smart, the season to be wise. Some religious people have started praying for next year so that when others pray for next year, they will be praying for 2024. Everyone is trying to do some thing to put them a step ahead.

After all is said and done, the real smart guy is Daniel. He didn’t have a job, no source of income. But he became a PRODA Business Owner and now fulfilling his dream of being a boss.

Make the smart move. Be a PRODA Business Owner.

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