Some people are not good at keeping the decisions they made, while there are others that are bad at making decisions at all. Kendra found herself in her unfamiliar position of having to choose one out of four men. They all had their positives and were the type of husband material that will size her very well, but she had to be married to one.

Wale, at 26, already had a PhD and was both intelligent and smart. His sense of humour was deep but Kendra only got to enjoy it when he wasn’t busy. He had the ability to make fun out of everything and he rarely got angry. If he did, he would apologize for getting angry. The type of gentlemen we see in movies. BUT! He was always busy with academic articles and publications. And who knows if the female students who went into his office only went to the office for academic purposes.

Nnamdi, though in his early forties, could pass for for a thirty-year-old because of his boyish looks. He had taken over his father’s businesses and expanded them beyond what his father could have imagined. His father was very proud of his. Nnamdi, too, was proud of himself. Who wouldn’t be? He spent all the time during his dates with Kendra to talk about his businesses and his trips to Malaysia and Peru. Nevertheless, Kendra considered him to be sweet after all. He had the best compliments for a lady. Well, money makes people sweet easily.

Etuk was a young politician who invested in his stomach for it to be big so that once he arrived an event, everyone would notice that a big man had landed. He was quite rich though (smart politicians are). He was loyal. His loyalty to the political party he belonged to was an indicator that he would be loyal to his wife. Kendra was sure about that it as he was very open with his dealings. The only problem was that she wasn’t sure if he really loved her. He looked like someone who just wanted to marry for the sake of social status and political points. Etuk himself admitted to it but didn’t think that was a problem.

Peter was her childhood friend who had become her bestie. If there was anyone who knew everything about Kendra, it was Peter. He had seen her at her worst and best and still loved her. Others saw the finished product but he had seen her in the childhood days of wearing torn pants and riding tires on the streets. Kendra read somewhere that people should marry their bestfriends. That would have been a confirmation to marry Peter, but would Peter be able to afford the extravagant wedding Kendra wished for? Kendra wasn’t a gold-digger but she didn’t want to suffer in her father’s house and also suffer in her husband’s house. Don’t judge her!

Kendra is in a dilemma. The type of dilemma you have when you want to purchase only one PRODA wristwatch. The good thing is, you can purchase all and have a quality collection of wristwatches, but Kendra cannot marry all.

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