Giving Up is not an Option

In life, there are moments that just present the odds against us. At that point, we consider throwing in the towel. Well, you’re allowed to rest, not quit.

Manchester City have a way of reminding us not to give up when it looks as though we are down and out. It happened first in 2012. On the final day of the English Premier League against Queens Park Rangers who were fighting to stay in the league, at injury time Man City were trailing 1-2 in a match they needed to win in order to win the league. It looked impossible as the minutes were ticking. To City fans, the clock was fast whereas to QPR fans, it was slow. But time is consistent as PRODA. Dzeko equalized and made it 2-2 before Aguero scored what will be his most iconic goal of his career to win the game and the league for the Citizens.

“Staggering! Just staggering!” Those words from Peter Drury (the commentator) have been enshrined in the footballing folklore forever. Aguero took off his shirt and sprinted away in celebration of a moment we thought would never be repeated. It was so iconic the club decided to raise a statue in honour of that Aguero. Unless scripted, it would never happen again.

We were wrong. After ten years we had it again. City was trailing 2-0 at 70 minutes against Aston Villa at the Etihad Stadium. That’s a rarity for City, especially when they needed a win to clinch the title. Doubts set in, emotions were increasing, frustration was looming around the team, but they kept playing. From a position a defender would struggle not to score an own goal, Gabriel Jesus hit the ball over the post. Nevertheless, City kept pushing with less than twenty minutes left to play.

Giving up wasn’t an option. Resilience always scale through. Consistency produces results. With that drive and spirit, it was only a matter of time before City scored, and they did via a header by Gundugan. Rodri got the second goal with a sleek shot from outside the penalty box to make 2-2. The stage was set for another staggering City moment in the league. De Bruyne whipped in a low cross from the right and Gundugan, the super sub, parried it home. It was game over and league over. Etihad Stadium erupted! The footballing erupted!

Once again Man City reminded us that giving up is never an option. We keep pushing. We keep thriving till that win comes.

Congratulations to everyone who never give up!

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