Mr. Go-to Guy

A go-to guy is a trusted and dependable person on a particular matter. So is Phil on a special matter.

Everyone feels they deserve a friend like Phil who is always helping and always there to render help. You can call him a man for all seasons like the 95F Silver Chain Watch that is a go-to watch or the 75A Black Leather Watch that can suit every occasion.

But Phil is not really like that. He is only a go-to guy when it comes to the ladies. He never has money when a guy asks for money but suddenly becomes rich when a lady asks. Not just any lady, the guy’s spouse.

Let’s talk about Peter (Phil’s best fiend). Peter wanted to surprise his girlfriend, Kemi, on her birthday with the CSR 3 Gift Items. He had made plans to wow her in the presence of everyone. But sometimes money is slow to come and quick to go.

He went to his friend Phil to ask for a little loan so he could purchase the gift items. Phil, as usual, turned him down. He even told Peter that he was about coming to him for a loan. In reality, he was hopefully waiting for Kemi to ask him for any form of help and he would render. She didn’t, so he went a step ahead and placed an order for the CSR 3 Gift Items.

Oga Go-to Guy brought his gift hoping to be the man of the day. When he arrived at the birthday party, he saw Peter handing the gift package to Kemi. Phil was shocked and asked him “How did you do it?”

Peter smiled and responded “My PRODA BUSINESS discount came through for me. E shock you!”

The full details of PRODA BUSINESS is coming in our Friday newsletter.

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